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Travel and Tournaments

It has been a busy start to the school year for BTA. Over Labor Day weekend some of the academy group members took a trip to the US Open. They spent a few days exploring the city, watching amazing tennis, running along the hudson river, and playing tennis on a rooftop too.


At the end of September Margaret Polk and Max Giddens travelled to Austin Texas to compete in an ITF tournament. Both players were able to compete in the main draw of the tournament. Max then travelled to another ITF tournament in Texas where he is currently in the semi finals of the main draw,


This past weekend a few of the BTA coaches took players to a southern level 3 tournament in Jackson Mississippi. Mary Neale Polk and Linlee Dunn were able to reach the finals of the G12, Caroline Helms placed 3rd in the G10s, while she and Pepper Hastings won the G10s doubles title. Zach Matusack also won the boys 16s doubles title as well as placed 3rd in B16s. Meredith Taylor placed 4th in the G14s singles. Overall it was a great weekend for BTA.

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